Fallout 3's The Pitt Off to a Rough Start

By GameTagwastaken, 10 years ago
Fallout 3's anticipated second DLC pack, The Pitt, went live earlier this morning for a price of 800 MS points. The bad news is that XBox 360 gamers are reporting lockups and missing in game images. Our own Seraphim Needed explains, "It is apparently suffering from several missing world objects (which get replaced with red diamonds containing white exclamation marks), several bad textures, and a tendency to freeze while loading. (...)any time I try to get in the main area just beyond the gate to the Pitt slave town, I lock up."

Several TA.com members have earned the first achievement but no one has yet scanned with any of the others for the 360 version. The PC version appears to not have the lockups as our users have been able to earn all of the achievements.

What has your experience been so far on either platform?
Credit for this story goes to Seraphim Needed