Dishonored 2 Three-Part Arkane Studios BAFTA Panel

By Ashley Woodcock,
The expectations are pretty high for Arkane Studios' upcoming stealth title Dishonored 2. After winning a BAFTA award for the original Dishonored back in 2013, could the pressure of creating another award-winning title be too much for the development team?

live action trailer

Well if the recently released three-part video series is anything to go off, it looks like Arkane Studios are confident and ready to take on the challenge. Set aside an hour and a half of your time and take a look at the three videos as Sebastien Mitton and Christophe Carrier talk about the excitement of winning a BAFTA and putting together a key team as well as the importance of quality reference materials:

In part two, the duo speak on the importance of visiting places that inspire ideas for the game, providing positive feedback, and more:

The third and final video sees the same Arkane tag team discuss how they came up with the various ideas for Karnaca, the "handcrafted world" in Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 releases in the US today, and everywhere else on November 11th.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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