Indie Action Platformer Unit 4 Shows Off Its Co-op Features

By Kevin Tavore, 2 years ago
Back in August, Gamera Interactive announced that they would be developing a new action platformer for the Xbox One titled Unit 4. Featuring four player co-op with four unique characters and a huge list of features, Gamera Interactive hopes to stand out from the pack as a unique experience.

That list of features? It includes a galaxy to explore, including a galaxy map which looks kind of like Mass Effect 3's galaxy map which you can explore. It also features smugglers and merchants to interact with, minigames to unlock and play, platforming and logic puzzles, and....virtual reality (but not really, since the Xbox One doesn't support VR and this isn't announced for PS4, so it's unclear exactly what the developers are teasing with this detail).

Unit 4 5

But as I mentioned, it's a co-op game at its heart, and a new trailer today revealed what makes each of the four characters unique:
  • Blue has a double jump
  • Red has a deadly dash
  • Green has a justice hook (which is like a grappling hook)
  • Yellow has ghost flight (which seems to be slow fall)

Together, the developers hope each character will offer a different experience and you'll no doubt need to work together with your friends to progress.

Unit 4 is coming to Xbox One in early 2017. If you're interested, you can sign up for the game's beta on the developer's website.

We've got the full list of Unit 4 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kevin Tavore
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