Dynasty Warriors 7 'Chronicle Mode' Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith,
Tecmo Koei have released screenshots for the Chronicle Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7, the sequel to Dynasty Warriors 6. The new free-roam mode sees you enter China as a "single officer, fighting your way across the war-torn land in numerous battles." It will be available to characters in the kingdom that have not been given their own story in Story Mode, and will feature both online and offline co-operative play. Here are some more details from the Dynasty Warriors 7 website:

Not only are you fighting through battles that portray various scenarios from the Three Kingdoms story; you can also visit vibrant cities strewn across the land. Here you can create or purchase new weapons and interact with other Dynasty characters. As you continually interact with these characters in towns or on battlefields, even more characters will become available for you to play. And joining certain forces will open up new stages for you to play, in addition to providing many more benefits that you'll have to see for yourself!
Here are the screenshots:

Chronicle Mode 3

Chronicle Mode 2

Chronicle Mode 1

Chronicle Mode 4

The game will be released in Japan on March 10th, 2011, North America on March 22nd, and Europe on March 25th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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