Microsoft XBL Christmas Deals [Day 8]

By Eddie Ruckus, 8 years ago
Another day closer to the end of 2010, and another deal from XBL during their "Countdown to 2011" event. Today brings us discounts on Mass Effect 2 DLC and an avatar outfit.

Game Add-Ons
Kasumi Stolen Memory - 560 200 MSP
Lair of the Shadow Broker - 800 200 MSP
Overlord - 560 200 MSP

Avatar Clothing
Police Outfit - 240 120 MSP
ME2 Blood Dragon Armor - 320 160 MSP

"Gamer" SD Purchase - 960 MSP (US only)

Let us know if more movies pop up so we can edit them in later, and be sure to check out this post for all the deals that are lasting throughout the whole promotion until the 31st.