Release Date Confirmed for Troll and I

By Kevin Tavore,
Troll and I is a game you may not have heard about. We initially covered it over a year ago, with new details on the gameplay only surfacing during the E3 rush. It'd be understandable if it slipped under the radar, even though trolls are really quite big.

Troll and I is the tale of a young lad named Otto and his friendship with a Troll. The two set off on an adventure together, using their skills to make their way through the world. Otto is quick and nimble while the Troll is suitably brutish and a formidable warrior. You'll need to use both of them to make your way through the world, ideally with a friend. That's right, Troll and I has local multiplayer! You can see what it looks like in the images below.

Or if you want to see it in action and have Otto and Troll pull on your heartstrings, check out the cinematic trailer.

Troll and I will release on March 21st in the US and March 24th in Europe.

We've got the full list of Troll and I achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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