Gearsmas Arrives in Gears of War 4

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Holiday traditions — hanging up stockings by the fireplace, decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and, oh yeah, the 12 Days of Gearsmas. Gearsmas has arrived for the first time in Gears of War 4. While this year is a little light on the crazy XP bonuses from Gears games past, it's heavy on holiday-themed cosmetics, a special versus mode and some free goodies just for logging in.

Starting today, players can spice up their characters and weapons with a little holiday cheer thanks to the Gearsmas Pack. For the price of 400 credits, each pack guarantees one bounty card and two holiday Gearsmas items from the list below:

  • 3 ‘Ugly Gearsmas Armor’ Characters – JD, Kait and Swarm Drone
  • 4x Gingerbread Weapon Skins
  • 4x Festive Tree Weapon Skins
  • 4x Snowman Weapon Skins
  • 4x JD Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 4x Kait Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 4x Swarm Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 1 Commemorative Gearsmas Emblem
As always, you can keep what you like and scrap the rest to build bounties or skins that you do like.

The Ice Boomshot, I presume?The Ice Boomshot, I presume?

This year, on two specific dates, you can receive one free emblem and one free weapon skin just for logging in (if you're curious about the Ice Boomshot, take a peek at the image above):

  • December 16: Chuzzmas Emblem
  • December 27: Ice Boomshot
There will also be a special game mode called Snowball Fight. Featuring a variant of the Boomshot called the Snowshot, players will fire snowballs at each other in this Team Deathmatch spin-off. Don't worry, a Snowshot will still insta-gib. The Crossplay Versus playlist, featuring Versus gameplay between Xbox One and Windows 10 players, will also be returning for the duration of Gearsmas. Players can earn a 1.5 XP multiplier in both the Snowball Fight and Crossplay Versus playlists.

Gears of War 4 Sale

In addition to the already mentioned features, a few more new things will be introduced later in the Gearsmas event, like the UIR packs, which we should know more about next week. The Coalition has also hinted that "fans have hunted down many an Easter Egg in our Campaign – but there might be something new to find on December 25th."

If you're a player who hasn't yet picked up Gears of War 4 yet, the 35% off digital sale that has been ongoing all month will continue to be active until December 28th, which is also the day Gearsmas ends. Gearsmas, by the way, is live in-game now. Merry Gearsmas!
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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