TGN Debate: Battlefield 1 vs. Titanfall 2 vs. CoD: Infinite Warfare

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
This holiday season saw three new major FPS releases that each tried to do its own thing. Battlefield 1 took us back in history to World War I, a setting we don't often get to see and it did a really amazing job setting the right atmosphere. Titanfall 2 was all about set pieces and fluidity of Titan and pilot, and many will agree it's one of the best campaigns in years. Then there's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which added space ships and included a remaster of everyone's favorite Call of Duty, which was an interesting strategy.

It's hard to say which one of these is best, especially since many of us have only played one or two. I can tell you the answer is Titanfall 2, but I didn't play the other two so maybe my opinion doesn't hold as much weight here. Luckily, TGN's Josh and Renn have played all three and they sat down to figure this out for all of us. In their debate, they considered three aspects of each game: single player, storyline, and multiplayer. So if you want to know which game to buy with all those gift cards in the upcoming end of year sale, look no further than their video below.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below - we'd love to hear from you!
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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