Subnautica's Bones Update Now Available, Performance Issues Acknowledged by Devs

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The underwater exploration title Subnautica has received the latest of the consistent updates being added to the game since its launch into the Game Preview program eight months ago. Welcome the "Bones Update," which builds on the Lost River location, improves several creatures and offers some new features with regard to pipes and suits.

Developer Unknown Worlds says they've "built upon nearly every corner of the Lost River zone, from the all new Ghost Forest and Bone Fields areas, to the improved Lost River Junction and the Lava Zone connection. Everywhere you turn, you'll find something new and improved." Screenshots and video of the new areas can be seen below:

They've also advised us to "watch out for the acid" now found in the Lost River. But there's not just dangerous acid. Hidden somewhere in the Lost River at an undisclosed location, players can now discover the secret Precursor Base:

Precursor BasePrecursor Base

There is also a handy new feature in the way pipes function, and suit models have been updated to make a clear differentiation between the Still Suit and the Reinforced Dive Suit:

  • Connect a Base Pipe connector to your base or build a floating Pipe connector to provide extra oxygen to nearby areas. Handy if you're resource gathering on just your lungs.
  • The Still Suit & Reinforced Dive Suit now have unique models! Craft yourself a new suit using a Fabricator.
Last but not least, Unknown Worlds has addressed the performance issues, such as low FPS, that have been encountered on the Xbox One version. While this patch doesn't alleviate them, they are on the development team's radar as being in need of improvement:

The "Bones Update" is now available in Subnautica. This puts it just about two months behind the PC version, which received this same update at the end of October. What's next for the wet and wondrous exploration game? Most likely the "Precursor Update," which the PC version received in mid-December.
Kelly Packard
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