Today's Games for Windows Daily Deal sees Tomb Raider: Underworld being sold for $14.99 or £9.99. Like the deals before it, this one is NOT LIVE Enabled, and as a result, carries no achievements.

Tomb Raider: Underworld $29.99/£19.99 $14.99/£9.99
Designed specifically to take advantage of the latest technologies Tomb Raider Underworld represents a new advancement in exploration-based gameplay. As fearless adventurer Lara Croft explore exotic locations around the world, each designed with an incredible attention to detail resulting in breathtaking high-definition visual fidelity that creates a truly believable world and delivers a new level of challenge and choice. There are no refunds for this item. Digital Rights Management Disclosure. This software uses digital rights management software (“DRM”). DRM may limit the number of times you are permitted to install this software on a computer and/or the number of computers to which you may install the software. To function properly, DRM downloads certain data and files to your computer, which may or may not be uninstalled when you uninstall the software.
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