Microsoft XBL Christmas Deals [Day 11]

By Eddie Ruckus, 8 years ago
Today is the last day of the "Countdown to 2011" deals on XBL, in the form of and an avatar prop.

Arcade Game
Limbo - 1200 800 MSP

Avatar Prop
Yoda's Green Lightsaber - 400 200 MSP

Kick-Ass - 1360 SD Download 960 MSP

In addition to these daily deals, this is the last day that the deals that ran throughout the entire countdown are available.

Super Meat Boy - 1200 800 MSP
Comic Jumper - 1200 800 MSP
Toy Soldiers - 1200 800 MSP
Banjo-Tooie - 1200 600 MSP
The UnderGarden - 800 400 MSP
Risk Factions - 800 400 MSP
Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution - 800 400 MSP
Carcassonne 800 400 MSP
After Burner Climax 800 400 MSP
Castle Crashers 1200 600 MSP

In addition to these deals, there is also a free premium theme and avatar prop in the form of 2011 glasses.

To purchase these games, feel free to click on the game to be taken to it's marketplace page, or click here to go to the "Countdown to 2011" home page on Xbox's website. Also let us know if you see any movie deals, and we here at TA wish you all a Happy New Year!