Weekend Headlines Jan 6-8th: What Happened While We Were Away

By Rebecca Smith,
Most people would expect Friday to Sunday to be quiet for gaming news. Well, it isn't. In a new feature, we're going to recap everything that happened while we were away over the previous weekend. Developers and publishers just don't seem to take a day off.


There were a lot of these. First up is Circuit Breakers. Triverske's twin stick shooter offers seven playable characters who each have their own weapons, including flamethrowers, shotguns and lasers. The game can be played in single player mode but is made for local co-op with up to six friends. The game is due to be released next month.

Developed by Those Awesome Guys and published by Reverb Triple XP, Move or Die is only confirmed for "consoles" but is still worthy of a mention. Over a variety of mini-games that each last 20-30 seconds, players must win battles against their friends to unlock new character skins, Mutator game modifiers and even more game modes to make things even crazier. The title of the game hints fairly well at the game's main schtick. Players who don't move will suffer from a rapidly decreasing health bar.

Next is Hunter's Legacy, a game revealed by the appearance of its achievement list. Lienzo's sidescrolling 2D platformer takes place in the Universe of Something, which is "a concept of a connected world that would span different games". Players take control of Ikki, a cat who is huntress of Un’Amakand has a variety of weapons and abilities at her disposal, including swords and a bow. Players will travel through different worlds and meet lots of interesting characters when the game is released on January 20th.

Rooster Teeth may not be a company that you readily associate with game development, but here they are with their first console effort. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is a hack-n-slash game that is based on their show RWBY. Inspired by games like Dynasty Warriors and Left 4 Dead, players will battle Grimm across locations of Remnant that will be familiar to fans of the show. Players can take on the role of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang and can recruit three friends for four player online co-op. The game will be released on January 17th.

Released on Playstation 4 in February last year, Thylacine Studios' Siralim has been confirmed to be heading to Xbox One. The turn-based RPG with roguelike elements is a game where everything is randomly generated, including the dungeons, quests and items. Summon hundreds of creatures to fight alongside you. There's even the possibility that the game's sequel, Siralim 2, will also come to the console, although this is a wish from the developer rather than confirmation right now.

Finally, TowerFall Ascension is another game that has already been released on Playstation 4 (and Vita). The arena archery combat game draws inspiration from the "golden age of couch multiplayer" by challenging players in intense versus matches. Easy to pick up but hard to master, if players are to succeed then they must loot treasure chests for power-ups, catch arrows out of the air or just simply stomp enemies into the floor. The "Ascension" update added 1-2 player co-op Quest mode, too. It has taken nearly three years to make the jump to Xbox One but will finally be arriving on January 25th.

Updates and Game Patches

DICE released a schedule for new content in Battlefield 1. On January 18th, players will be able to try Bleed Out, a custom version of the traditional Rush game mode. Downed enemies respawn quicker and players will not be able to regenerate health. Then in February, an update is due that will bring a variety of gameplay improvements — more information will be available on this in the future. After that, the game's first expansion, "They Shall Not Pass", will be released in March.

Release Dates

Toby: The Secret Mine will be released on January 20th. Players can pre-order the title now for US$9.99 / €9,99 / £7.99 by heading here. In the meantime, we also have three new screenshots:


We got another video update for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, this time showcasing a new level that was created using the method that was described in update 7. While the majority of the game takes place in a castle, players must spend the start of the game travelling to this location. Along the way, there's a village through which they must travel. Take a look:

That's it for the weekend. Keep your eyes on TA for the rest of the week as we bring you the news as we get it.
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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