Gears of War 4's Title Update 3 and New Maps Now Fully Detailed and Available

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Following onto yesterday's partial reveal of Title Update 3 for Gears of War 4, the patch is now live and the full details are now available. As a refresher, the patch added two new maps — which we now know to be the return of two more old favorites, Blood Drive and Clocktower — a whole new set of craftable and unlockable cards, pricing changes on Gear Packs, added value to the season pass and more.

Like the other added map duos, Blood Drive and Clocktower are available exclusively in the developer playlist for season pass holders, offering double XP and 20% more credits on a mix of versus game modes as well as Horde. As a reminder, only the host of your party needs to own the season pass to enter the party into the playlist, where everyone will be able to reap the benefits, regardless of pass ownership. The two new maps will be added to public playlists one week from now on January 17th.

According to The Coalition, their intention with Blood Drive was to "blend together the best of Gears 2’s original take and the Gears 3’s re-imagining" into one map. Video flythroughs have been released for both maps if you can't yet access them yourself or want to get the full 360 view.

Clocktower appears to take after its Gears 3 counterpart more so than the original Gears of War variant, as it does have the walls lining the stairs that block the spawn areas and pistol spawns from view.

This patch also ushers in the new Series 2 card set, which are craftable and soon to be available in Gear Packs if they aren't yet already (The Coalition warned these are going live "later this afternoon PT"). Series 2 offers over 280 cards, including:

13 new characters, including Armored Anya and Armored Sam back in their Gears 3 armor and Zombie Minh rises from the dead (sporting Raam’s blade-sized hole in his chest!)
260 new Weapon Skins to collect across 13 full weapon skin sets
The Coalition also hints that "a surprise legacy character will be returning as a scrap-only card very soon," which they think the community will be excited about. Any guesses?

Gears of War Title Update 3 2

Gear Packs have also received some pricing adjustments, in credits or dollars depending on the pack. You can view the full changes, along with The Coalition's rationale for each one, below. Some have not been changed and The Coalition also gives a reason for anything that has not been adjusted.

Horde and Versus Boosters - 400 credits or $.99
- We've seen some positive comments since we adjusted these values late last year and we are going to stay consistent with those changes.

Operations Packs - 800 Credits or $1.99 (Formerly 1000 Credits or $1.99)
- We have adjusted credit values to better align with Horde and Versus Booster values for Operations Packs.

Elite Packs - 2000 Credits or $4.99 (Formerly 3500 Credits or $4.99)
- We have brought the credit values significantly down on the Elite Packs to better align with the above packs. Players will now have an easier time obtaining these with credits. We have also re-tuned Elite Packs to offer better rewards and results.

Community Packs - 400 Credits or $.99
- These packs will stay at the current pricing for future events. These packs are similar to our Gearsmas packs.

eSports Packs - No Credit Value and $9.99
- These packs are meant to help benefit the eSports programs and our prize pools. We will continue to keep these at their current price point to help drive additional prize pool and event funding.

Feature Packs - 2000 Credits or $4.99 (Formerly 4400 Credits or $9.99)
- This one is the big change. Future Feature Packs will now have a much lower credit and dollar value cost. We are wanting to make sure these are obtainable by those in their limited availability windows. For reference, Feature Packs are packs that contain new content and sold in special packs (ie: UIR Packs were a Feature Pack)
Gears of War Title Update 3 1

The Coalition is also continuing to address one of the community's big concerns, which is the value of the season pass. Following the bonus XP and credits in the developer playlist that were added last month, this month The Coalition has announced the Series 2 Air Drop (you know, those expensive things you see in the store) will be given to season pass holders at no additional cost when it launches on January 13th. It will also be given upon purchase to anyone who buys the season pass from here on out. The Air Drop contains 20 gear packs, or 60 cards, from the Series 2 card set. Season pass holders can also earn an additional login bonus every Friday, which is a free Bounty Gear Pack.

Last but not least, the Gears of War team was recently hosting an art collection which also allowed players to vote on their favorite armors from the collection. The top five armors will be implemented into the game as DLC, which will be given out free to anyone who played Gears of War 4 before December 31st, 2016. According to The Coalition, "keep an eye on your Xbox Live Messages for a download code later this month." If you'd like to see the winners' art, you can check it out here.

That's all for the hefty Title Update 3, which is available in-game now. If you missed the initial announcement, which was mainly composed of the actual patch notes and fixes as opposed to new content, you can check that out here.
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