Rocket League Receives First Update Of The Year

By Andrew Ogley, 1 year ago
Publisher and developer Psyonix are not letting the grass grow under the feet of Double TA Award winning title Rocket League with the announcement of this year's first patch.

The update, whilst not quite as substantial as the previous patch, does change the Snow Day playlist and fix a few annoying, albeit minor issues, as listed below.

Patch v1.27 Announcement

- Added Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) into the Snow Day Playlist

- An experimental goal-post collision fix has been deployed
- Removed the “GO!” counter in Custom Training
- 'Seamless Bot Replacement' in Unranked online matches should now work as originally intended
- Fixed an issue where players were stuck in the Replay Menu after deleting certain replays
- Fixed an issue where selecting 'Free Play' forced the Loading Screen
- Fixed an issue where Emoji entry on Xbox One was not displaying in some cases
- UI scale setting in options should now save on PlayStation 4
- Fix for rank label updating for division text and changing colors
Patch v1.27 for Rocket League is available now on the Xbox One.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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