BF:BC2 Operation Hastings Map Unlocked

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Many of you will have been working on the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 community challenge posed by EA. The reward for your efforts was to unlock a fifth map, Operation Hastings, for use with the "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam" expansion pack. Well, the PC community managed to unlock the map on December 30th, but the Xbox community still had a fair way to go, having totalled approximately 49 million team actions at the time of writing.

EA, however, were pleased with everybody's efforts, and were especially pleased with the success of the add-on, and Map Pack 7, which both released last month. As a result, EA have enabled the Operation Hastings map for all platforms as a gift for the new year.

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In the words of Daniel Matros, Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE: "Cancel all your plans, turn on your TVs, fire up your consoles and let the Battle For Hastings begin!"

The "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam" add-on costs 1200 MSP and is available from here.
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