Stardew Valley Save Issues Addressed in Upcoming Patch

By Kelly Packard,
After already cleaning up the majority of launch issues in a prior patch, Chucklefish Games, the company responsible for porting ConcernedApe's one-man PC hit Stardew Valley to consoles, has promised an approaching fix for a major save issue that affected Xbox One users.

Stardew Valley

Or rather, it was a load issue. According to Chucklefish Games, it was a rare bug that prevented players from loading a past save:

The XB1 load failure bug was introduced in some threading-related code we had to add for the console release. Each time the game saves, there's a slim chance that a small portion of data will be written incorrectly to storage. This doesn't affect the in-memory copy of the game, only the on-disk storage of the save file, so you won't notice it until you reload.

We're fixing it in the next patch, and once the patch is installed, no further save files will become corrupted. As for files that are already corrupted, we're writing some code to repair them. We don't yet have all the save files for all the gamertags that have been sent to us, but we're going to make sure the ones we have do load up. We haven't yet seen any save files that couldn't in theory be repaired.

We think that this bug is also responsible for:
  • Crashes when speaking to Gunther
  • Glitched objects, invisible objects
  • Crashes when harvesting certain crops
  • Crashes when visiting specific areas of the farm
  • ... and probably several other weird, XB1-specific bugs
The repair code will solve some of these issues, but it's not guaranteed in all cases. New files created after you've installed the patch (and files that never had any of these issues) will not be affected by any of these issues.

We're working on the fix and the repair code right now. Testing and submission can take a bit of time too... So hold tight for now, and we'll give you more info on the timeline in a couple of days.
As Chucklefish stated in their post, we should be hearing more on when to expect the patch in the next few days. When the fix rolls out, hopefully players will be able to load their past saves and not lose all the hard work they put into their farms.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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