ID@Xbox Releases: Week Beginning January 16th, 2017

By Rebecca Smith,
We may have seen two titles already this week, but there are plenty more to follow on Friday in case there was nothing that you fancied yet.


RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Release Date: Tuesday January 17th

Rooster Teeth's first console effort is a hack-n-slash game that is based on their show RWBY. Drawing inspiration from franchises like Dynasty Warriors and Left 4 Dead, players will battle Grimm across locations of Remnant that will be familiar to fans of the show. Players can take on the role of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang and can recruit three friends for four player online co-op. Unfortunately, due to the game being awarded a Mature rating in Australia and New Zealand, the game has been delayed in these regions until this issue is sorted.

Siegecraft Commander

Release Date: Tuesday January 17th

Blowfish Studios' Siegecraft Commander is the first in the Siegecraft franchise to hit consoles. The game combines turn-based tactical gameplay with real-time strategy. Players must build a fortress that consists of a structure of towers that is strung together by walls. Meanwhile, the enemy's fortress must be destroyed. Virtually every action is a result of a carefully aimed projectile, be it a building that is aimed at an empty space to expand your fortress, or a missile that will destroy a tower of your opponent's fortress.

I Am Bread

Release Date: Friday January 20th
Livestream: Friday January 20th, 3pm GMT, 10am EST

If you've ever played Goat Simulator, you'll know to sort of thing to expect from Bossa Studios' title. Players assume the role of a slice of bread. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to become a slice of toast. Yes, seriously. This is much easier said than done with each corner of the bread assigned to a different button on the controller — co-ordinated movement is a must. If your slice of bread touches the floor, it become less edible. If it remains on the floor for too long, it becomes completely inedible. How will you get to the heat source that you need?


Release Date: Friday January 20th
Livestream: Monday January 23rd, 3pm GMT, 10am EST

Over two years ago, a unique platformer was released for Playstation Vita. Players had to make their way through a world that was filled with infographics that react to their movement, actions and input. Now the game comes to Xbox One with new worlds to be conquered, new visuals and new gameplay mechanics that account for the lack of touch controls.

The Assembly

Release Date: Friday January 20th
Livestream: Tuesday January 24th, 3pm GMT, 10am EST

Originally released last year as a VR title on PC and Playstation 4, a non-VR version makes its way to Xbox One. The first-person interactive adventure tells the story of the Assembly, a group of scientists, academics and engineers who conduct their business in a top secret underground bunker, away from the eyes of the world. Their experiments evade government scrutiny and stretch beyond the constraints of society's morals. You'll witness these events through the eyes of newcomer Madeleine Stone and experienced scientist Cal Pearson, but will you uncover all of the group's secrets?

Hunter's Legacy

Release Date: Friday January 20th

Lienzo's sidescrolling 2D platformer takes place in the Universe of Something, which is "a concept of a connected world that would span different games". Players take control of Ikki, a cat who is huntress of Un’Amakand has a variety of weapons and abilities at her disposal, including swords and a bow. Travel through different worlds and solve puzzles by using different mechanics, like wall-climbing, gliding through the air with the help of spores and changing Ikki's body temperature.

Toby: The Secret Mine

Release Date: Friday January 20th

Taking its inspiration from Limbo and Nihilumbra, Lukáš Navrátil's puzzle platformer has a very distinctive art style. The titular Toby lived in a small mountain village until his peaceful existence was thrown into chaos. Most of the village's residents are kidnapped. While two brave souls have already attempted to rescue their friends, neither has returned. Thus it seems like a perfectly sensible idea for Toby to try his luck at his own rescue bid...


Release Date: Friday January 20th Delayed indefinitely

Eclipse Games' title puts players in the shoes of Lucas who lives in a very cubic world. Alongside his companion Otto, a crazy scientist, he discovers that the government has been hiding altenate universes from the eyes of the public. The problem is that these universes are home to the Spheroids, a group of dangerous aliens that want to turn everything round. Can Lucas stop them?

Which of these will you be adding to your list of games to play?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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