Epic Games Present Bulletpoints

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Epic Games and People Can Fly's upcoming game Bulletstorm has been creating a "storm" with its media press.

Epic, further pushing the press for the game, has started a new series called "Bulletpoints." What is "Bulletpoints"? Check out this little tidbit from Epic:

Do you wonder what sort of deep thoughts the Bulletstorm Team wrestles with (and then eviscerates)? We're happy to present the first video in a series we call "Bulletpoints," featuring Mike Capps, President of Epic Games.
Accompanying the description is a funny, short video of Mike Capps thinking in the shower:

All subsequent "Bulletpoint" episodes will be posted on Bulletstorm's facebook page.

Bulletstorm is set to release February 22nd, 2011. Remember, pre-ordering the Epic Edition of the game will give you access to the Gears of War 3 beta, as detailed last week.