For Honor Closed Beta Details and Multiple Videos Released

By Ashley Woodcock,
Arm yourself with even more knowledge ahead of Ubisoft's upcoming closed beta weekend for For Honor, before you pick up a weapon and see what you think of the upcoming hack & slash title. Ubisoft has released new details for the upcoming beta, as well as a couple of videos that showcase more gameplay from some of the different characters that will be joining in the fight.

For Honor 9

On offer in the beta will be new multiplayer content, maps, and playable Heroes. Choose between nine of the 12 different Heroes from the three different Factions - Knights, Vikings, and the Samurai which we covered a gameplay trailer for just a few days ago. Each Hero will be unique and will come with their own fighting styles, armour, weapons, skills and levels of progression.

Square off against other players in three of the five multiplayer modes that will be available - Dominion 4v4, Brawl 2v2, and Duel 1v1. The fast-paced fighting will take place amongst six different environments that includes three new maps. Also, Beta participants will be able to check out "Faction War", a global, on going and cross-platform event that sees a war constantly being fought between the different Factions from the game.

If you'd like to learn more about the story of the different warriors from the game, and bag yourself a Closed Beta Code for doing so, then take a look at the newly released interactive experience "SCARS", right here.

The Closed Beta trailer showcases the different multiplayer modes that will be featured in the Beta, as well as the different Factions and Heroes:

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Ubisoft continues with the Heroes series for the game with parts #11 and #12. The first video showcases the The Valkyrie of the Viking Faction who were previously though to have vanished:

The Valkyries have made a deal with the gods. They will fight and earn glory so that those who can’t will be counted in the halls of Valhalla. They are scouts and trackers who use their spears and shields to deadly effect. They are chosen by the gods — hope you never encounter one on the battlefield.

Next up, The Lawbringer of the Knight Faction. Having once been scattered "for centuries", the Lawbringers have returned, re-grouped and reunited under the single banner of the Iron Legion:

The Lawbringer: The Lawbringers are the justice in Ashfeld. They enforce the laws and dispense punishment. Their armor is without equal. Their weapon is a grim reminder of the ultimate punishment for lawlessness. They will go wherever they are needed – pray that you are on the right side when they arrive.

For Honor's Closed Beta kicks off on January 26th through January 29th. The full version of the game is still scheduled to release on the Xbox One on February 14th.

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