Terraria Progresses Toward Update 1.3

By Kelly Packard,
Those who follow the sandbox game Terraria are well aware it's going through a bit of a transitional phase. Last year, 505 Games announced a change of developers for the console versions from Engine Software to Pipeworks Studio. With the change, Pipeworks intend to bring some huge improvements to the console and mobile versions of Terraria.

Among the changes are a complete rewriting of the console and mobile versions' code so they will more closely resemble the PC version. The developers' endgame is to create a definitive Terraria experience instead of several experiences that are obviously separate and at different paths in the development cycle. Another plus of having the same code is that the time it takes to bring PC updates to console will now be much faster. However, the announcement did come with the news the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will no longer be receiving updates, as publisher 505 Games has said these aging consoles are simply too old and future updates would have to be watered down for the platform to support them, and they wouldn't want to compromise Terraria's quality or gameplay experience.

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While it may sound scary — an entire rewriting of the game's code — Pipeworks promises all of the effort is completely behind-the-scenes and all of players' existing worlds will be able to run in the new framework without any hitches. And it's not all bad for last-gen players, as there are ways to transfer worlds from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. The developers have also hinted they are "working with Sony and Microsoft to help make the transition as smooth as possible for current owners – keep an eye out for some exciting promotions!"

One of the most exciting things for Pipeworks has been bringing the massive 1.3 update to consoles and mobile, which is still a work in progress. The update adds over 800 new items, a new Expert difficulty mode, a new event and boss, and quality of life improvements. As the update is already available on PC, you can see the full patch notes of what the update should bring here. This launch of 1.3 will coincide with the update bringing the rewritten code. Despite being announced last year, it's a lengthy process, and isn't expected to launch until Q2 2017. This week, Pipeworks released an update revealing they are still on target for this release estimate, and has released a teaser comparing the updated console version to the PC version.

Consoles will receive update 1.3 and the "reset" — which is what Pipeworks is calling the update offering the written code —first in Q2 2017 with mobile to follow an estimated few months later.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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