Project CARS 2 Officially Announced With Reveal Trailer

By Andrew Ogley,
After almost a week of teasing images and an unofficial 'leaked' trailer, Slightly Mad Studios have finally confirmed that Project CARS 2 will be heading to the consoles sometime later this year and just like the original, the sequel already has some very lofty ambitions.

Project CARS2 Announcement

Building on the success of the first title, Project CARS, which after a shaky start went on to sell over two million copies over the different platforms, the new title promises more cars, more tracks, improved physics and the proprietary LiveTrack 3.0 engine which creates dynamically changing track surface conditions. Along with the time transitions and weather transitions from the first title, the sequel will also boast seasonal transitions that will reflect the changing weather conditions throughout the year. For those looking for a little more challenge than the usual tarmac tracks, it will also be possible to race on dirt, mud and even snow and ice surfaces.

Players who want to take their races online will be happy to know that there will be an Online Championships game mode that will allow racers to create and join ongoing racing leagues. The much vaunted Esports functionality will, indeed, be included from day one. This will also include director/broadcaster integration and streaming. All of this will cover a whole array of old and new motorsport classes including Rallycross and IndyCar amongst many others.

As with the original, Slightly Mad Studios have had professional drivers act as consultants on the development and testing of the game, including two-time Le Mans winner Tommy Milner, Audi factory driver René Rast, stunt driver Ben Collins (better known as 'The Stig'), and Rallycross and sim racing champion Mitchell DeJong.

One of the marketing slogans being used is 'Anytime, Anywhere' and it certainly seems to be aiming to hit that mark. There's a lot promised and let's hope that it lives up to all of these promises.

Project CARS 2 should be revving up at the starting line sometime late in 2017.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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