MLB 2K11 One Million Dollar Competition Returns

By Ashley Woodcock, 7 years ago
2K Sports will be giving MLB 2K11 players a chance to win a sweet, one million dollars! The idea is exactly the same as last year's contest: Pitch a perfect game before anyone else and the million dollars are all yours!

Wade McGillberry, from Alabama, won the million dollars in last years contest after he managed to pitch a perfect game on the same day that Major League Baseball 2K10 was released! Lucky Unbelievable, but extremely impressive work to win the contest in such short time!

Well this time round, some of the rules are different: The contest doesn't begin until the start of Baseball's regular season, April 1st. So after the game hits the shelves on March 8th, gamers will have plenty of time to practice, gain a good feel for the game and master their perfectly pitched games. A lot of young gamers will be delighted to know that the age to enter the competition has been dropped from 18 to 13, this being inspired by the teenage son of MLB 2K11's cover athlete, Roy Halladay. Chris Snyder, 2K Sports' Director of Marketing told ESPN:

Last year, Halladay's son, who is about 13-years-old, was telling us about how he was going for the perfect game and had it through seven innings. We were listening to him, but at the same time we were cringing a bit because the rules last year stated that you had to be 18-years-old to win the million dollars. We took this directly from Roy's kid and wanted more people to have the chance to go for the perfect game this year.
All of the other rules and regulations from last year's competition remain the same so far, check out the list of rules here.

In game rosters will be updated on day one "to give the competition a more true-to-life experience". Chris Snyder also told ESPN:

This year, we wanted the competition to coincide more with Opening Day, so now fans who buy the game on launch day will have almost a full month to practice before they go for the million dollars
Also worth noting is the fact that the matches will be played in game stadiums instead of the training stadiums. Wade won the contest last year using one of the training stadiums, Chris also added: "You won't be winning in a spring training stadium this year".

In addition to the news on the competition, 2K have also released a 'First Look' trailer, check it out:

So don't forget, MLB 2K11 is set for release on March 8th and the contest begins on 1st April. Should any rules or details be added or changed regarding the contest, we will be sure to keep you all informed.

Good luck to all of you taking a shot at this, you'll need it. toast
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Ashley Woodcock
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