For Honor's Day One Patch Details and Launch Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
Ubisoft's hack & slash For Honor has been unleashed today and with it comes a small day one patch and a launch trailer. It was only a couple of days ago when the game was coming to the end of its open beta, and within that time, Ubisoft has managed to make a small list of changes and fixes:

For Honor 9


  • All countries around the Mediterranean Sea are now part of the European continent.


  • Collisions improvements and fixes
  • Improved animations


  • Audio balancing fixes and improvements

User Interface

  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed occurrences of major framerate drop
  • Improved flow in and out of the invitation menu
  • Multiple localization fixes

Additional Fixes

  • Stability fixes
  • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements
  • Metagame bug fixes and UI improvments
  • Hero Balancing (based on player feedback) – *** these changes were already implemented during Beta phases ***
  • Fixed minor issue with the round counter
  • General bug fixes
Alongside the patch comes a new launch trailer as the different factions charge into what's hopefully going to be a very-well received and long-lasting battle:

The patch and For Honor itself are both available right now.

We've got the full list of For Honor achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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