New Trailer and Details for Cities: Skylines

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Announced in 2015 for Xbox One and Windows 10, lately we haven't heard anything about Cities Skylines other than publisher Paradox Interactive repeatedly confirming it was still on the way. A new trailer has finally been released along with the news the game will be coming "soon," in fact in spring.

Paradox said the footage used to make the trailer is from the Xbox One version of the game. Associate and Lead Producer Niklas Lundström described the process of converting the PC release to consoles as one requiring two steps: "First you need to take the gameplay and adapt it from the traditional mouse-and-keyboard setup to a controller, and after that you also need to adapt the user interface to reflect this new mode of input."

So how did they do it in Skylines, a sim and management game, one of the genres most associated with a mouse and keyboard? Lundström said that instead of emulating a mouse, when players scroll they will instead lock onto the various objects and options. There are also radial menus and button prompts designed specifically for the One. Lundström promised the game "feels very natural and smooth."

Also announced is the inclusion of Skylines' first expansion with the Xbox One and Windows 10 editions. The expansion is called "After Dark" and added special leisure attractions centered on nightlife, bringing entertainment and a whole new economy to your city during the evenings. However, the price of these editions hasn't been announced. On PC, Skylines has three more DLC in addition to "After Dark": "Snowfall," "Natural Disaster" and "Relaxation Station."

Cities: Skylines will be launching this spring on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Though it'll be available on both platforms, at this time, it has not been announced as possessing Play Anywhere functionality.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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