Video Game Writing Award Nominees Announced

By II The Beard II, 7 years ago
Video games arguably consist of a bit more moving parts than most entertainment endeavors, so it's not rare that some aspects can be obscured and/or engulfed by others from time to time. Most of us probably don't care much about the intricate existential analogies of the Assassin's Creed mythos, but we know it's pretty fun to sever some sap's spinal cord from several stories up. Still, games (and gamers) continue to evolve, to the point that superior storytelling is becoming less and less rare, and organizations like The Writers Guild of America see fit to recognize as much in order to "promote storytelling excellence in videogames, improve the status of gaming writers, and encourage uniform standards within the gaming industry."

The nominees for this year are:

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Story by Patrice Desilets, Jeffrey Yohalem, Corey May; Lead Script Writer: Jeffrey Yohalem; Script Writers: Ethan Petty, Nicholas Grimwood, Matt Turner; Ubisoft

Fallout: New Vegas, Creative Design Lead/Lead Writer: John Gonzalez; Writers: Chris Avellone, Eric Fenstermaker, Travis Stout; Additional Writing: Tess Treadwell, George Ziets, Jason Bergman, Nick Breckon, Matt Grandstaff, Will Noble, Andrew Scharf; Bethesda Softworks

God of War III, Written by Marianne Krawcyzk; Additional Writing by Stig Asmussen, Ariel Lawrence, William Weissbaum; Sony Computer Entertainment

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii), Writer: Benjamin McCaw; Story Dialogue Editor: Marianne Krawczyk; Ubisoft

Singularity, Written by Marc Guggenheim, Lindsey Allen, Emily Silver; Additional Story and Writing: Jason Henderson, Adam Foshko, Michael Cassutt; Story and Script Consultant: Adam Foshko; Activision

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Executive Producer-Writer: Haden Blackman; In-Game Script: David Collins, John Stafford, Cameron Suey; Additional Writing: Tid Cooney, Ian Dominguez, Tony Rowe; LucasArts
The winner will be announced on February 5th at simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York, where it will join previous recipients Dead Head Fred (2008), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2009), and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2010). Awards shows tend to be a mixed bag (as could be evidenced by this year's nominees), so what do you think? Any omissions or mistakes with this year's list?