JanduSoft's Platformer Caveman Warriors Has Been Successfully Funded

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
JanduSoft has announced their multiplayer platforming title Caveman Warriors, a side scrolling, action platformer inspired by games such as Metal Slug, Joe & Mac, New Super Mario, Trine, and Castle Crashers. The game has managed to reach its funding goal and along with this great news for the development team and their backers, we now have some details, screens, and gameplay to share from the upcoming title.

Caveman Warriors Screens

The story follows four prehistoric warriors way back in the day when man still lived in caves. A strange extra-terrestrial creature has robbed the men of their children and now they must head out on an adventure to chase and take down the alien through unknown lands.

Caveman Warriors

The adventure can be taken on solo or with up to four players as the cavemen take on 90's style platform gameplay with unique abilities to help progress through the eight worlds, which include the Stone Age, alien ships, World War II, and more. The screens showcase plenty from the title, including different characters, enemies, levels, and a whole lot more:

The Kickstarter trailer showcases gameplay and also how life could've really been back in the old days:

The launch trailer isn't new, but as it's the first time covering the game now that it has been funded, catch up on the video below and check out some more gameplay:

A demo is available for the title via this website.

Caveman Warriors managed to reach its funding goal earlier today and is now ready to release "in the spring of 2017".

We've got the full list of Caveman Warriors achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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