Instant Indie Hits Bundle Available at a Steep Discount for a Limited Time

By Kelly Packard,
Late last week, after our initial sale roundup, a large bundle of indie games popped up on the Marketplace. The bundle, which features 10 of Curve Digital's offerings, is available at a steep 80% discount for a limited time. The price will be US$20.00 / £19.20 / 19,99 € until March 9th when it will go back up to US$99.99 / £95.99 / 99,99 €.

Action HenkAction Henk

The bundle includes:

While I'm sure a lot of us already own titles like The Swapper and Thomas Was Alone, it's still a pretty good deal even if you own a few. I own five of the games but could still get the remaining five for $20, which comes out to four bucks a pop. Not bad at all. Of course, the less you already own, the sweeter the deal gets.

A handful of these, like The Swapper, Hue and Thomas Was Alone, are easy completions, with the rest ranging anywhere from moderate to hard. One is impossible due to an unobtainable in the case of Nova. If this seems like something that's up your alley, the link to the store page is here, and remember, the 80% off deal is only good until March 9th.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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