15 Windows Phone Games Removed from the Store

By Kelly Packard,
2017 is no stranger to delistings. The year started off with a batch of upwards of 15 games being removed from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Marketplaces. Now it's Windows Phone's turn. A hefty handful of mobile titles have bid their adieus, with the majority of the games being from publisher Chillingo.

Chillingo wasn't especially popular around the achievement hunting community for their support, or rather lack thereof, regarding their Windows Phone titles. Numerous games under their publishing belt contained either unobtainable or discontinued achievements that were never addressed, one even due to the game crashing every time just as the achievement was about to pop.

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The full list of games that have been removed are as follows. There are now only two Chillingo games left on the Windows Phone store; the rest are gone. The two remaining are Da Vinci Pinball Machine (WP) and Parking Mania (WP).

Windows Phone Delistings



With the list of Chillingo Windows Phone titles being reduced to almost zero, their last two remaining games, Da Vinci Pinball Machine and Parking Mania, are perhaps not long for shelf life. The other Asphalt Windows Phone games may also be worth a look for those who are collectors of digital games.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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