SSX: Deadly Descents Details

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
There have been more details revealed about SSX: Deadly Descents in this month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

The game will span 17 regions spread across the entire globe. The regions that have been confirmed as appearing in the game are Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, Siberia, Caucasus and The Alps. However, the official game website also confirms the appearance of slopes in Antarctica.

EA Canada is aiming to have 70 open mountains. The mountains are generated automatically by the game, using a mountain building program nicknamed the "Mountain Man", some of which are generated using topographical data gathered from Google Earth. Each mountain can be ridden on any slope face, through the full 360o directionality, and each mountain range will be tailored to one kind of danger; examples include thin air, ice, and extreme temperature. The gear that you can purchase or earn will have a certain importance; each piece may be better for coping with a certain condition or danger.

For those of you who are worried about the mountains being exact replicas of their real-world counterparts (without the usual SSX elements), there will be tracks in the game. They have natural shortcuts and some of the runs are pinched together, whilst others intersect. There will also be a rewind feature for those of you who don't get the perfect run that you were hoping for.

The final snippet of information is the return of Elise Riggs, who has been present in all five SSX games so far. It is unconfirmed whether the other three ever-present characters, Mac Fraser, Kaori Nishidake, and Zoe Payne, will be returning as well.

Here are some previously released screenshots showing the currently unidentified star of the announcement trailer, as well as his mode of transport. As you may notice, Elise is written on the side of the helicopter:

External image

External image

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A release date has not yet been confirmed for the game.
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