Forza Motorsport 6 eSports Content Update Details

By Ashley Woodcock,
In November last year, a free update was released for Forza Motorsport 6 that enhanced the capabilities of the title ahead of Forza Racing Championship's second season. The most recent update to go out for Turn 10's racer builds on this foundation with more features that aim to make the multiplayer and spectating experience that bit better.

Forza Motorsport 6

Hosting & Manual Grid Ordering

The host of an online private lobby will have the option to manually change the ordering grid before a race begins. Choose where you want yourself and the other racers to start by selecting "Game Options" in the menu, scroll to the "Advanced Rules" screen, and from here, select "Grid Ordering". Once in this menu, choose "Manual" and then place each driver where you want them to start. Move players up and down through the grid order using cn_RSc. If any players are "spectating" once a race has begun, they will be automatically be placed at the back of the grid while the active players will be pushed to the front accordingly.

Once you're happy with your grid choices, set the race to begin by pressing cn_X. As players are about to load into the race itself right after the countdown, they will see a final confirmation screen. At this point, the host can make any final changes to the grid, cancel the race start, or let the race begin.

Grid Preview

If the host of the private lobby has enabled the new "Grid Preview" feature, all players will be able to see a detailed view of the starting grid ahead of a race. The options for enabling or disabling "Grid Preview" can be found by using "Game Options", then "Advanced Rules", and then "Grid Preview". From here, you will see three options: Auto, Manual, or Off.

When enabled, players can see a car-by-car rundown of the starting grid. Included details will show the driver's Gamertag and make and model of the car they're driving for the race. Choosing "Auto" for the preview will cause the game's camera to automatically switch to each car. "Manual" will allow the host to switch cars using cn_LB or cn_RB. From the "Grid Preview" screen the host can start the race by pressing cn_X.

In-Race Info

Multiplayer spectators will benefit from this new feature thanks to more information being available in races. A new option called "Info Panels" which is "indicated by the race helmet icon", allows for players to choose from two information panels. These are Race Overview and Player Overview. You will be able to bring up just one menu or both at the same time. Here's Turn 10 with the details for each option:

The new Race Overview panel showcases crucial in-race information, including a mini-map which shows nearby racers’ positions on the track, as well as a leaderboard indicating where the current car is in the race, and how far the closest competitors are either in front or behind.

With the Player Overview panel, spectators can learn more about the player they are currently focused on in a race. The Player Overview page includes a great deal of information, including name, car information (Car Class, PI, and performance characteristics), as well as driving telemetry like revs, speed, current gear, as well as braking and throttle pressure. In addition, this screen provides information on that racer’s fastest lap of the race, the number of Quick Stops they have completed (if relevant), current lap number, and more. Spectators can toggle these panels on or off at any time by pressing the Y button.
The most recent update for Forza Motorsport 6 is already live.

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