Two Indivisible Character Models Are Updated

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
Lab Zero Games, developer of Indivisible, has been hard at work on their upcoming RPG. This time around this work has taken the form of updated models for two of the game's characters, Baozhai and Phoebe.

First up is Baozhai and her original model.

Baozhai's original model

Now, the updated model sheet.

Baozhai's new model sheet

The immediately noticeable difference is that the singular dragon cannon has been replaced with two shoulder cannons, with a new gameplay focus on rapid cannon fire as opposed to the original gameplay concept that was more focused on the harpoon. In addition, while they liked the original dragon cannon design, there were concerns when it came to animation, which this change sorts out.

Now we have Phoebe and again, the original is first.

Phoebe's original model

And again, the updated model sheet.

Phoebe's new model sheet

There are fewer immediately noticeable changes but, again, some of the changes to Phoebe were made with animating issues in mind. The main change is that she was made slightly taller, making her the tallest character in the game. In fact, Lab Zero showed this with a line-up of all the characters, which you can see below.

Indivisble line-up of characters

The release date for Indivisible on Xbox One has not been announced.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Indivisible achievements.
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