New feature - ToDo list

By Rich Stone, 10 years ago
Let's say you're planning a weekend of solid cheevo-popping - how do you sort out which games you want to load up in the 360?

The answer, my friends, is you use your TrueAchievements ToDo list.

Simply go to the My Achievements page and select the 'Achievements I don't have in games I own' option. Then go through them and click on the Add to my ToDo list for any you fancy trying to win (remember the list is sortable by any of the column heading if you just want to go for those high-scoring ones).

When you're done, wander over to your ToDo list page (from the Main Pages menu), where you can re-order them and print them out, along with their solutions (if there are any)!

You can even add a random achievement from your games collection that you haven't got yet for a real challenge!


As ever direct any feedback to the Site Wishlist forum.

(P.S. Xbox is back up and running)
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements. Writes site news and still finds time for the odd game here and there. Loves Racing games and Shooters, yet to be convinced that any RPG is worth the time investment!