Julius Styles: The International Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Lapland Studios have announced a new action/strategy game called Julius Styles: The International. The game will be episodic and will be released on XBLA.

In a world of money, power, sex and murder, Julius Styles (Wesley Snipes) is an international "Facilitator" a man whose unique talents make him a valuable commodity. The game will combine action with a puzzle based format.
As stated in the above quote, Wesley Snipes is voicing the lead character. The character is a mix of traits from Snipes' characters in the Art of War, Murder at 1600, and Passenger 57 films. Perhaps predictably, there will also be a film released to tie in with this game, although it's safe to assume that this is unlikely to appear until Snipes' release from prison in 2013.

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A release date for Julius Styles: The International has not been announced yet.
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