Threes! Snap Mode Achievement Revised

By Kelly Packard,
In January, Xbox revealed they will be removing the Xbox One's Snap Mode and replacing it with a new functionality. The first thing that sprang to achievement hunters' minds were the games and apps containing achievements utilizing the soon-to-be-defunct Snap feature.

The developers of Threes!, the one game on that list in a sea of apps, have already adjusted their Snap-related achievement accordingly.


While the achievement — called Oh, Snap! — previously required users to play the game in Snap Mode, it is now called 3X Threes! and simply requires that players indulge in three games of Threes! Easy, right?

Threes!3X Threes!The 3X Threes! achievement in Threes! worth 205 pointsPlayed three games.

The update removing Snap Mode has yet to roll out to the general public. Its replacement is rumored to be some type of Picture-in-Picture mode. All other Snap Mode achievements will continue to be able to be earned until this update becomes mandatory. After then, it's not clear whether or not the achievements will be able to unlock utilizing the new feature, will be changed by their developers, or will simply lapse into unobtainability. We'll be sure to let you know when we have more information about the update or any of the other apps featuring Snap Mode achievements.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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