Weekend Headlines March 3-5th Part 1: Announcements, Updates and Release Dates

By Rebecca Smith,
Now that GDC17 is over, it's time for developers and publishers to prepare for PAX East that's taking place over this weekend. The result is a number of announcements, release dates, trailers, screenshots and other miscellaneous details. We had a lot of news again so we're having to split the roundup into two parts. The first part covers all of the announcements, release dates and game updates. Take a look:


Consortium: The Tower was successfully funded on Fig back in May 2016 and has been in development for Xbox One ever since. Described as "the original Deus Ex videogame combined with the film Die Hard", players can choose to play the story however they wish — fight, sneak, explore or talk your way out of trouble — and the story will change depending on your actions and decisions. It is December 21st, 2042 and construction of London's hyper-futuristic Churchill Tower is partially complete. However, the immense skyscraper has been evacuated due to incidents of malfunctioning builder nanites. Now a hostage situation has erupted and it is up to you, Consortium officer Bishop Six, and your team to sort things out.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn is an action RPG that inspired by norse mythology and is set in the world of Eternity. When the first elves reached the Reign of Alfheim, they were given a powerful gift — four unicorns that granted immortality. One night, the unicorns were taken away by withcraft and a curse was placed upon the elves. One unicorn survived but he had a damaged horn and had also been cursed. Only one young elf would be able to lift the curse from the unicorn and the other elves... and this is how the pursuit of Eternity began.

A few days ago, Milestone teased an unannounced title in a new IP. It turns out that the title was Gravel, focusing on off-road 4 wheel driving. Players compete to become Offroad Master through a series of different race types. There's Wild Rush, where players race in wild locations; Cross Country, where players can explore and tackle open maps until they reach the last checkpoint; Speed Cross with "real tracks and races without holding anything back", and Stadium Circuit that features arenas and jumps. More game modes will be revealed in the coming weeks before the game is released on Xbox One this summer.

Hyper Sentinel is a side scrolling shoot 'em up that is inspired by the old-school arcade shooters of the 1980s. However, this title aspires to be more modern by including 4K graphics at 60 frames per second, power-ups, boss battles, a SID style soundtrack, a "single button trade-off between shoot and boost", regenerating health and weapon upgrades. While the game has reached its funding target and is guaranteed to be released on Xbox One, its Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing. Right now, the total has passed the Surge Mode gameplay mode, although we're unsure what exactly this entails. You can follow along with their campaign here.

Q.U.B.E. 2 puts players in the shoes of Amelia Cross, a stranded archeologist who finds herself in an alien environment. Together with another survivor, Emma, players must solve puzzles and manipulate the world with special gloves if they're ever to return home. Not only must she escape, Amelia must also deal with the ghosts in her past.

A lot of you will likely remember 2006's Rogue Trooper, the cover-based third-person shooter that brought the 2000 AD comic series to life. Well, Rogue Trooper Redux will be bringing a remastered version of the title to Xbox One. Rogue is a bio-engineered Genetic Infantryman who is immune to the poisonous atmosphere of the chem-blasted Nu Earth. He's also the last soldier left standing against the colonial Nort regime. Between his abilities and those of three fallen comrades, who he carries around as biochips in his inventory, he's a "one-unit squad of death and destruction" and he's hell bent on getting revenge.

Nearly 3,500 of you have played Sine Mora, a horizontal shoot 'em up with a distinctive time mechanic. This summer, publisher THQ Nordic will be bringing the game to Xbox One as Sine Mora EX. Once again, players will have to avoid bullets and obstacles while making sure that they don't run out of time. Collect tokens and kill enemies to gain time as you negotiate a tale of never-ending war.

Developer Dilmer Games revealed two titles this week. The first of these is platformer Stickman World. Stickman awakens in an unfamiliar underground environment after the human world has been destroyed. Stickman can recall pieces of the world but nothing of his past, leading him to search for clues in the upper ground world. One of Stickman's special powers is the ability to invert gravity and he must use this to his advantage if he's to discover his past.

The second of Dilmer's titles is SuperStick. The titular Super Stick works at a food factory, but it's no ordinary factory. After a nuclear attack occurs, the factory is filled with all kinds of strange enemies and dangers. However, Super Stick is no ordinary man himself. He has the ability to change his body shape to make himself heavier and slower, as well as the ability to rewind time. Stickman World will be the first of the two titles to be released this year and we're sure to get more information on Superstick once that has happened.

In shoot 'em up Time Recoil, the player character is a member of a mysterious group called the Recoilers that share a common goal: kill Mr Time. He has control over a time based weapon of mass destruction and he's not afraid to use it. You must travel back in time to stop him or the future won't ever exist. With every kill you can slow time — more kills equals more time in slowdown and the ability to perform special moves, like dashing through walls. The more kills that you perform, the more devastating the special move will be.


Halo 5: Guardians and Halo 5: Forge (Win 10) received an update that fixed a few bits in various aspects of the game, with a particular focus on Forge mode. The full list of fixes is below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Halo Wars 2 also received a major patch on Xbox One. The patch is not yet out for Windows 10 but should be out imminently. The patch notes are below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Homefront: The Revolution received a patch that accompanied the final piece of DLC for the title. The patch notes were a little non-specific, but take a look at the trailer if you want to see more details.

  • Support for our third and final DLC, Beyond The Walls (Releasing 08/03)
  • Console Trial Mode with unlimited free access to Resistance Mode
  • Playstation 4 Pro Support
  • Various bug fixes

NBA 2K17 received a roster update that involved over 375 changes. You can see those changes in the two images below:

Subnautica received the Infected update that introduces a mysterious disease that threatens both you and the wildlife. Hidden within the Lost River, a previously inaccessible Precursor Base may well be the location of the disease's outbreak. There's also a new expanse along one of the entrance corridors to the Lost River Zone that is connected with the new Base. There were a few minor tweaks, too, and some progress has been made on the game's save/load issues, although there is more to be done in terms of the latter problem.
  • It’s now possible to drag and drop items in the PDA.
  • The Map Scanner Room gets major improvements such as increased scanning and map projection range.
  • New geographical features in previously empty areas.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands has made a few improvements to the game since its open beta a couple of weeks ago. These are the tweaks that made it into the full game:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Rise & Shine received a patch that added some extra menu options, fixed bugs and balanced difficulty. Unfortunately developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team weren't more specific than that.

Release Dates

After nearly two years of radio silence, Anoxemia will be released on Xbox One on March 28th. Meanwhile, Lock's Quest will follow nearly a month later on April 25th.

Finally MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame will entertain players in Europe on May 12th. Unfortunately, North American players will have to wait until May 30th for their racing fix. In the meantime, check out the latest trailer showcasing a new feature: 2-Stroke Bikes. Ten 2-stroke bike models will be available for players to use.

Check out part two to see the many trailers, screenshots and other details that were released over the weekend.
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