Everspace Updates Add a Bunch of Features

By Sam Quirke,
Game Preview and Play Anywhere title Everspace, which we previewed ourselves last year, has received a big content update in time for the weekend. Players on Steam and GOG have already been able to enjoy update 0.3 and the major addition of the Colonial Gunship. As well as finally getting their hands on this ship, Xbox users will also get the expanded Colonial content of update 0.4. This update brings derelict Colonial stations to explore and permanent ship enhancements to find within. Some are simple buffs, but others will have positive and negative effects balancing each other out. Infiltrating the station will not be easy – you can expect to encounter turrets, drones, and deadly plasma charges that can forcibly knock you into other objects and deal considerable damage.

Rockfish Games have also added colour customisation for the player’s ship, as envisioned during the Kickstarter campaign. Players will also be able to make the most of balance improvements immediately, as well as stronger armour and an additional equipment slot.

Further details on the content updates can be found below, along with a huge spread of very pretty screenshots that Rockfish have provided for the launch.

Highlights of EVERSPACE Update v0.4:
  • Added enhancements that can be equipped in the hangar
  • Added new points of interest: Derelict Colonial stations
  • Added player ship colors: Some are unlocked from the start, more can be collected during runs
  • Added alternative ship loadouts
  • Replaced the voice actor for the protagonist
  • Added new consumables: Distress Beacon, Nano Extractor, Sensor Drone
  • Added new challenge "Survive a Warship attack"
  • Added 1st person view without cockpit

Overview of EVERSPACE Update v0.3 – automatically included in Update v0.4 on Xbox and the Windows Store:
  • Added new player ship: Colonial Gunship
  • Added new enemy: Outlaw Drone Carrier
  • Perks overhaul: Separated into pilot perks and individual ship perks
  • Added new perks: Trading and Diplomacy
  • Attacking G&B can result in them reporting your attack and being hostile in the current and next location
  • Added two new natural hazards
  • Added new point of interest: Freighter Wreck
  • Added more station types
  • Added option to set a flag for equipment to ignore it when switching to next/previous equipment
  • Added Hall of Fame that keeps track of your completed runs
  • Added backer-written logbook entries
  • Added new planet type
Full changelogs for the updates can be found on the official forum if you are a registered member. Everspace remains in Game Preview at present, though it’s still currently expected to launch in full within Q1 2017.

We've got the full list of Everspace achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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