Weekend Headlines March 10-12th Part 1: Announcements

By Rebecca Smith,
Another weekend, another game conference. This time it was the turn of PAX East to bring us a lot of news. We'll begin with the many announcements to come out of the weekend.

Abadon: Guardians Rise

Ummagumma Games' upcoming title is "a 2D platformed, roguelite ode to classic split-screen, couch co-op based entertainment". Up to four players take control of Vanguardians, a largely decimated task force that must resist the unprecedented and targeted assault on Planet Abadon. The alien invaders must be neutralised and the missing remnants of the task force must be recovered, but there's a larger conspiracy at play. Depending on your actions, the conspiracy can follow one of a number of timelines and parallel universes, meaning that you'll need several playthroughs if you want to see everything. All playable characters have their own set of attacks and stackable upgrades that will persist through the multiple playthroughs. However, the game's level settings, enemy behaviour and navigation will be styled to each playthrough. The title is possibly coming to Xbox One next year.

Ape Out

Unsurprisingly, Ape Out features an escaped ape. A rather large and angry escaped ape. In this title, no human must be left alive as the ape battles to escape its captors, using them as weapons and shields to create its own path to freedom. The "smash ‘em up" combines a stylized art style with rhythm based action to a jazz soundtrack. Developer Gabe Cuzzillo has teamed up with publisher Devolver Digital to bring the title to unspecified consoles this summer.

AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected

A collaboration between Aurelien Regard (The Next Penelope) and Jim Gennisson (Rayman, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom), this "first person adventure game" is one of three titles to be revealed by publisher PLAYDIUS this weekend. Players explore a rogue-lite environment where action and negotiation are as important as each other. Players can choose their path and recruit allies from any of the strange characters that they meet along the way. Your crew may consist of a ragtag bunch of oddball friends, but you'll need them to solve this mystery from outer space. The game will arrive on Xbox One later this year.


Players can take InnerSpace in one of two ways. You can either treat the game as a flying game that has a heavy emphasis on exploration, or you can play it as an adventure game where your method of travel is in a plane. The universe in which the game is set is Inverse, a collection of worlds that is inside out and where gravity pulls to the edge instead of inwards. Each new world has a different ecosystem with its own ruins and wildlife, and exploration will reveal evidence of a long lost civilization, which you must tie together to learn more about the universe. You'll get to explore these worlds on Xbox One in the summer.

Lone Light

Lone Light is a puzzle game where players must guide a light source to its destination, but there's a catch. The light source can't be distinguished from its surroundings, so players need to use the shadows that are created by the level's obstacles to determine the location of the light source and the direction in which it is travelling. To get to the next level, players need to guide the light to a black hole but this is much easier said than done. The title will be released on Xbox One in the future.


The Sierra Tarahumara landscapes of Northern Mexico are on display as players experience the true life of a Sukurúame, a shaman who is believed to be able to interact with gods. The gods consider the human race to be a disappointment and want to destroy it so that they can start afresh. The Sukurúame must gain the support and trust of the demi-gods if he's to save humanity. Explore the 3D world, solve puzzles, collect herbs, fight soul-eating foes and run with the amazing abilities of the Tarahumara race. The title is coming to unspecified consoles later this year.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Title

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is a new animated TV series on Cartoon Network. Set in Lakewood Plaza, a mall for heroes, the series follows K.O. and "his cool crew of friends" as they constantly try to impress each other with their abilities. They're also trying to overcome the problems caused by the evil foe Lord Boxman as he tries to destroy the plaza. Why does this matter to TrueAchievements? Well, Cartoon Network has teamed up with developer Capybara Games to produce an integrated console title based on the new TV franchise. Little is known about the game but it will be an "action brawler with RPG elements". It will arrive in autumn and hopefully those consoles will include Xbox One.


In this tribute to 90s platforming/action games, the second of PLAYDIUS' three titles, players assume the role of the titular Pankapu. Djaha'rell is a child who was once troubled by a tragic incident and this tiny warrior has been chosen by The God of Dreams to rid Djaha'rell's Dreamworld of the Nightmare invasion. The game tells two parallel stories, one set in the Dreamworld and another set in reality. There will also be plenty of secrets and treasures to find throughout the level. The game will arrive on Xbox One later this year.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Reservoir Dogs will be celebrating its 25th anniversary later this year, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for Lionsgate to partner with publisher Big Star Games to create an isometric shooter based on the franchise. Players assume the roles of Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White as they carry out heists based on the events of the film. However, the Time Back gameplay mechanic, where players can rewind time to control every move and every shot for every member of the team, offers a twist to the usual twin-stick shooter formula. The game will be released on STeam later this year. An Xbox One version will follow at a later date.

Save the Light

Not only has PLAYDIUS announced multiple titles this week, so has Cartoon Network. This time it's the turn of established TV series Stephen Universe to get a tie-in console game, the sequel to 2015's mobile title Attack the Light. Written by the show's creator Rebecca Sugar, the story has been designed to be an entry point into the franchise so prior knowledge of the prequel and the show is not required. A mysterious warrior has arrived in Beach City and he has stolen a powerful weapon. Steven and the Crystal Gems must embark on a magical mission beyond Beach City, battle an army of creepy creatures and stop the Prism-thief if they're to Save The Light. The RPG combines elements of real-time and turn-based combat and players can customise their party with many of the show's characters. The game will be released this summer on unspecified consoles.

sU and The Quest for Meaning

sU is the final PLAYDIUS title to be revealed. Details on this title are scarce, but developer Guillaume Bouckaert has managed to create an endless platformer that takes place on a single screen. As usual, players must get as high a score as they can, but the score itself is a puzzle. You'll need to find meaning in your own actions and in the ever-changing environment. Will you rise to the occasion when the game is released on Xbox One later this year?

Join us for part two where we cover all of the other news that isn't an announcement!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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