Killer Instinct Details 3.7 Patch and Double XP Event

By Ashley Woodcock,
If you're still a passionate player of Killer Instinct then the details of the game's latest patch will be very important to you, as plenty of changes have been made to several fighters from the title's jam-packed roster. Patch 3.07 introduces new story missions for Tusk, a few bug fixes, system changes, and a log list of changes to some of the characters too.

Patch & XP Screens

We'll start off with the patch notes in video form and then if you want to look for something specific, you can check out the text version after the video:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Patch 3.07 for Killer Instinct is already live. To go along with the latest patch, a Double XP event has also been announced.

Patch & XP Screens

Starting later today, players will have the opportunity to double up on Base XP across all game modes. If you're a "Season 3 Ultra Edition" owner, or you own the Supreme Edition of the game, you'll already have a lifetime Double XP booster. Throw in the XP from the event on top of that, and you can bag yourself three times the amount this weekend! Then, to add even more sprinkles to the XP cake, you could go as far as purchasing a booster from the in-game store to give you four times the amount of normal XP too.

If extra XP is of interest to you, you can start doubling up (or more) from "the later hours" of today through until Monday, March 20th.

We've got the full list of Killer Instinct achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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