Weekend Headlines March 10-12th Part 2: Project CARS 2, Sea of Thieves and More

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Following on from the many announcements from last weekend, we end the roundup with all of the trailers, screenshots, release dates, updates and other details to be found.


This title's official release date is tomorrow, but the game has been available from the Xbox Store since March 10th. We still thought it prudent to show you the game's launch trailer just in case you'd missed the game's release, so here it is:

Battalion 1944

Square Enix Collective has recently announced a spate of titles that they will be publishing; the latest of these is Battalion 1944. Developer Bulkhead Interactive had previously teamed up with SEC on The Turing Test, so it was an easy decision for the developer to rekindle the partnership. To explain why SEC is the ideal publisher and reveal some new screenshots for the game, the team released a vlog:

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Developer Airship Syndicate shared a work-in-progress preview of one of the game's motion comic cutscenes, with audio provided by PowerUp Audio.


A new trailer was released to celebrate the fact that Buck will be entering Early Access on Steam tomorrow, March 17th. A release date for the console version has not yet been announced.

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

FlatOut 4 also releases tomorrow and with it comes a new gameplay trailer to prepare you. The trailer shows off some of the new game modes, including the returning stunt mode. Watch as the vehicles deform and explode upon impact in real-time, all thanks to the new damage system.


The first minor update to the game's Eternal Dawn build was released last weekend. The full patch notes are below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Project CARS 2

Two more cars were revealed for the upcoming racing game. The first was the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The second was the ACURA NSX. For more details on the specs of each car and the history of their development, you can check out the Project CARS blog post. If you just want to admire some screenshots, you can do that below.

Rogue Aces

Developer Infinite State Games demonstrated some new gameplay for their upcoming shmup. In this "rather cheeky base capture", it shows that sometimes you just have to land and "blast everything out of the way".

Sea of Thieves

Executive Producer Joe Neate, Design Director Mike Chapman, Social Media Manager Emma Bridle and Live Campaign Producer Christina Parker brought along the second gameplay video for the upcoming swashbuckling title. Showcasing the Technical Alpha 0.1.1 build of the game, the crew started out by discovering a Legendary Chest and bringing it on board. Then the spied another ship. Then they attacked it. For the rest of the events, you'll have to watch the video for yourself.

Snake Pass

The Air World is the fourth and final world in Snake Pass. In this puzzle game, players need to slither, curl and climb their way through the game's worlds to conquer obstacles and complete objectives. The Air World adds complications such as wind and updrafts that will change your approach to each level and the way that you can move around.

State of Decay 2

Another week, another piece of concept art. In the final image of the series, the team experimented with different levels of light. The aim of this wass to produce the most effective trailer that the team could show at E3 2016. This year, the team has promised that we'll finally get a release date for the title.

Tale of Ronin

Although the game was announced at the start of this year, Tale of Ronin has only now been confirmed for Xbox One. Alongside that confirmation comes the game's first trailer, showcasing the human side of the samurai.

The Long Journey Home

Daedalic took a number of their titles to PAX East, but The Long Journey Home was one of the few to get new assets. Feast your eyes upon the new screenshots below.

The Sexy Brutale

Reginald Sixpence is a typical inventor. He is a genius but has "a mind like a broken timepiece". He's also the personal clockmaker to the Marquis and his creations adorn the mansion. There are ornate grandfather clocks that deck the halls, as well as stranger mechanical wonders for which The Sexy Brutale is known. Something strange is happening at the Masked Ball and Reginald is on to it. Unfortunately this has brought him a bit of unwanted attention.

Victor Vran

When Victor Vran is released on Xbox One, it will come with all of the DLC expansions that have been released on PC. One of these is the "Fractured Worlds" expansion. The collision of several broken worlds has created a new plane of existence to which players will be transported. Victor must alter his fate by piecing together the Astrolabe, exploring four new dungeons that change daily. Then there's the Fracture, an endless dungeon with new challenges at every level. This expansion also introduces Talismans, an item that can change Victor's appearance and combat capabilities, including the ability to unleash devastating combat abilities.

We Happy Few

Subtitles are important to We Happy Few if Compulsion Games is to include as many players as possible. Over the last few days, the team has been reviewing the subtitles to make sure that they match with the game's audio. They've also been localising everything into French. Take a look at the latest developer diary that deals with this very subject.

World to the West

Finally for this week, World to the West got a confirmed release date. The title will be available worldwide on May 5th. To celebrate this fact, publisher SOEDESCO released a new gameplay trailer. Take a look at the upcoming top down action adventure with a clear inspiration in European adventure comics.

That's all for this week. Join us next week for more weekend headlines.
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