Kyub's Update to Launch This Week With Price Drop

By Kelly Packard, 3 months ago
Earlier this month, Ninja Egg announced an update for their ID@Xbox puzzler Kyub. According to the team, the update has now passed certification and will be going live the week of March 20th.

The update, which is free, looks to be quite substantial. If you missed its earlier announcement, there will be 101 new levels, including pro versions of existing levels, 18 more achievements, a new world, two in-game skins and more.


Ninja Egg has also shown off another of the "pro versions" via Twitter:

In addition to the update, the Xbox One and Windows 10 title will be receiving another price drop. Earlier this year, it dropped to $15, and it'll be going down to US$9.99 with the launch of the update.

Kyub is available now on both Xbox One and Windows 10 but is not a cross-buy or Play Anywhere game. The two versions share an achievement list. The update doesn't have a solid release date but you can expect it this week.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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