SMITE's Birthday Week Offers Worshiper Boosts, Free Items and More

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The third-person MOBA SMITE, still just a toddler, is celebrating its third birthday with a host of boosts, login bonuses, in-game sales and more. Whether you're looking to knock out some masteries on the triple worshiper day, pick up a few skins at a discount, or just reap the double login bonuses, there is something for every style of player here.

There is a handful of affairs ongoing all week in addition to day-specific events. Starting on Tuesday, March 21st and lasting until Monday, March 27th, earn double login bonuses every day. Since it's running for seven days, no matter where you're at in your login schedule, you'll be able to reap the double rewards on all five favor days and two gem days. You can also unlock the Birthday Global Emote at any time during the week for getting one First Win of the Day.


Then, check out the schedule for the full week. The days that are mostly of interest are the triple worshiper Tuesday, earning up nine Enigma Chests on Friday, a double everything day on Saturday, and 90 gems for getting three First Wins on Sunday. If you're all about the Cutesy Avatars, there is one to be earned next Monday.

Tuesday, March 21st
  • 3x Worshipers
  • 25% off the Roman Pantheon Chest
Wednesday, March 22nd
  • 50% off all Voice Packs
  • 25% off Hindu Pantheon Chest
Thursday, March 23rd
  • 50% off all purchasable Ward Skins and Avatars
  • 25% off Greek Pantheon Chest
Friday, March 24th
  • Unlock a free Enigma Chest roll for each First Win of the Day (9 max!)
  • 25% off Chinese Pantheon Chest
Saturday, March 25th
  • 2x Everything
  • 25% off Mayan Pantheon Chest
Sunday, March 26th
  • Earn 90 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day
  • 25% off Norse Pantheon Chest
Monday, March 27th
  • Earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll after 1 First Win of the Day (only on first win)
  • All Pantheon Chests 25% off
It all starts on Tuesday, March 21st in SMITE. If you need to review what's arriving with this week's patch, read up on it here.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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