Flinthook Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
We have just picked up the achievement list for Flinthook, which is developed by Tribute Games and published by Tribute Games Inc.

The game is published as part of the ID@Xbox program.

Live the life of space captain Flinthook! Armed with your mighty hookshot, your uncanny slow-motion powers and your trusty blasma pistol, plunder and fight your way through an infinite variety of randomly-assembled spaceships for treasure, loot and fame!
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Flinthook Achievements page.
Screenshot Saturday 28/1/17

There are 37 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 1 of which is secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievement, please use this link):

Name Description Gamerscore
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 80
Star Sailor Reach level 10. 15
Quarter Master Reach level 25. 35
Space Captain Reach level 50. 60
Shipwrecker Vanquish 100 ships. 15
Black eye Beat Bad Billy Bullseye. 15
Twitch Earn the Twitch relic. 15
Blink Win the Blink relic. 35
Silver Bullseye Earn the Silver Bullseye relic. 15
Golden Bullseye Win the Golden Bullseye relic. 35
Plucked Goldfeathers Beat Admiral Goldfeathers. 15
Roasted Earn the Roasted relic. 15
Fast Plucker Earn the Plucker relic. 35
Silver Goldfeathers Earn the Silver Goldfeathers relic. 15
Golden Goldfeathers Win the Golden Goldfeathers relic. 35
Liquified Von Guu Beat Baron Von Guu. 15
Broken Glass Earn you the Broken Glass relic. 15
Oozed! Earn the Oozed Relic. 35
Silver Von Guu Earn the Silver Von Guu relic. 15
Golden Von Guu Win the Golden Von Guu relic. 35
Fall of Gwarlock Defeat Gwarlock. 15
Fiat Lux! Save Gwarlock. 60
Fingersnap Earn the Fingersnap relic. 15
Oh Snap Earn the Oh Snap relic. 35
Silver Gwarlock Earn the Silver Gwarlock relic. 15
Golden Gwarlock Win the Golden Gwarlock relic! 35
Rex Fractus Defeat every Rex versions of the bounties. 60
Relic Fanatic Collect all the ancient relics! 15
Bookworm Collect all of the galaxy's Lore. 15
Perk Collector Collect all the Perks. 15
Black Reward Collect all Black Market Items. 15
Bronze Infinite Run Earn the Bronze Infinite Run Relic! 15
Silver Infinite Run Earn the Silver Infinite Run Relic! 35
Golden Infinite Run Win the Golden Infinite Relic! 60
Rumbled Grimble Beat Tusky Grimble. 15
Stuffed Glutton Beat Vorace Horace. 15
Dueling Deaths Unbound Free the Dueling Deaths from their curse. 15
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