April 2017's TA Playlist Game Announced

By Mark Delaney,
Our first month of TA Playlist is just days away from kicking off, and our debut event poll has come to an end in which we decided the game to play for April. Each of the four games involved showed strong support behind them, but only one of them separated itself from the pack.

After a total of 3586 votes, TA Playlist for April 2017 will feature...

September 7thAlan Wake

Below you can see the final results of the poll. You'll notice it was a close bout for second place and certainly each of these games has plenty of support behind it, and all will likely reappear in future polls where they may fare better.

Title Votes
Alan Wake 35% (1255 votes)
Dishonored 23.03% (826 votes)
Wolfenstein: The New Order 21.22% (761 votes)
Batman: Arkham Asylum 20.75% (744 votes)
Interestingly, Alan Wake never trailed in the poll. A strong day one that ended with a lead measured in a few dozen votes expanded more and more as the week went on and gave us the runaway victory you see above. The other three games finished in what was close to a three-way tie, though the Dark Knight never climbed out of last place for even a moment.

If you need to obtain a copy of Alan Wake before April's TA Playlist begins, you can use our price tracker right here on site to find its lowest price from retailers around the world.

Soon we'll have more information for those interested in subscribing to the forthcoming companion podcast for TA Playlist. We'll also be launching the TA Playlist Hub with its own forum, game clip submission area, and new leaderboards. Until then, pack your bags. We're heading to Bright Falls!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He has written for GameSkinny, Gamesradar and the Official Xbox Magazine. He runs the family-oriented gaming site Game Together.