SMITE's Celestial Voyage Patch Coming Soon With New Event

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The Hunting Season patch just went live this week on SMITE console; now Hi-Rez is already looking toward the future with another approaching patch. This one is called Celestial Voyage. It will bring an event of the same name, a set of new star-themed skins, a visual update for one of the oldest gods and more.

Poseidon, one of SMITE's oldest mages, will finally be receiving a visual update. He'll have a new base model and card art. His ultimate ability, Release the Kraken! will be visually updated too. In addition to his base model, his Earthshaker recolor, London Conspiracy eSports skin and his mastery skins have all been updated. Take a look below:

The latest event is called Celestial Voyage. Similar to the Celtic event, players will be able to complete tasks and earn rewards. Instead of being a board game, in this one players will be able to compile clues in order to solve the mysteries of the universe, unlocking special loading frames, loading backgrounds and more along the way.

Discover the world of ancient Hieroglyphs as you join your favorite Egyptian gods on a Celestial Voyage! Along your journey you will unlock secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and earn celestial-themed rewards. The one secret we can tell you now – there are many rewards for all who wish to traverse the stars.

There will be 12 Quests for you to embark on , each giving you a Hieroglyph that can be used to unlock Bonus Rewards. To claim each Bonus Reward, purchase one of the event skins to get a Craft Token. When the Craft Tokens are combined with the correct Hieroglyphs (in the correct order), the Celestial Portal will activate and bring forward your reward. Make sure to read the hints provided to figure out the correct sequence!

Direct Purchase Skins

  • Star Lancer Anhur (Exclusive)
  • Star Tamer Bastet (Exclusive)
  • Star Eater Khepri (Exclusive)
  • Star Strike Neith (Exclusive)
Celestial Voyage Collection Bonus

  • Star Scribe Thoth (Limited)
Bonus Rewards

  • Loading Frame (Limited)
  • Background Loading Screen (Limited) – NEW FEATURE!
  • Pedestal (Limited)
  • Music Theme (Limited)
The skins are below. As mentioned above, exclusive skins Star Lancer Anhur, Star Tamer Bastet, Star Eater Khepri and Star Strike Neith will all be directly purchasable during the event. Star Scribe Thoth is the collection rewarding for purchasing all the other Star skins. Thoth's skin is also tagged as limited, meaning it won't ever be available again once the event finishes.

There is also the usual array of balance changes. Newest god Cernunnos will be seeing his kit toned down a bit after proving to be an extremely powerful Hunter at launch. Mark of the Vanguard, a strong starter item, is also seeing a reduction in the health it provides. The popular Mantle of Discord defensive item is having its cooldown reduction lessened from 15% to 10%, but is seeing a price decrease to match. To view the full balance changes and other information about the upcoming update, check out the detailed patch log here.

Achievement hunters will be pleased to see Cernunnos has had his achievement set added. As is customary for each god, there will be two achievements focused on the different aspects of his kit:

Pigging Out
As Cernunnos, kill 1 enemy who is currently poly-morphed from your Wild Hunt Ability.

Seasons Shift
As Cernunnos, kill 1 person who is currently afflicted by Autumn Decay Debuff while Cernunnos is in a different stance from the Shifter of Seasons Ability.
The patch goes live on March 28th on PC and consoles will follow on April 4th. In the meantime, SMITE's birthday event still has a few days left of sales, rewards and more.

We've got the full list of SMITE achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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