Beam Streaming Schedule for Week Commencing March 27th

By Dave Horobin,
Rich is back in the office this week, which means Jack will once again be joined by his partner in crime to stream the latest ID@Xbox games over on our Beam Channel, beginning in just a few hours time when they stream the first hour of Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest.


As always, we'll be giving away a code for each of the ID@Xbox game's we stream to a lucky viewer in the chat.

Game Date Time
Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest Monday, March 27th 3PM GMT / 9AM CST / 10AM EST
Has-Been Heroes Tuesday, March 28th 3PM GMT / 9AM CST / 10AM EST
Snake Pass Wednesday, March 29th 3PM GMT / 9AM CST / 10AM EST
Thimbleweed Park Thursday, March 30th 3PM GMT / 9AM CST / 10AM EST
The Inner World Friday, March 31st 3PM GMT / 9AM CST / 10AM EST
If you can't make it to any of the streams, your can catch up with them via the VODs on Beam, or over on our YouTube channel where we upload each stream.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueAchievements Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueAchievements social pages discussing all things TA related.
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