TA Community Interview - Jayour

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
This week I’ll be interviewing Jayour at the request of numerous nominations I’ve received in my inbox. I do read every single one that comes in, whether it’s a self-nomination or for another member of our community. TA veteran or new recruit, everyone is eligible for these Community Interviews!

As it happens, this week’s nominated interviewee is a long-standing member having joined the site in December 2008 and has been a member of the Content Team since October. Let’s get the ball rolling:

Davie: Hi Jayour! So, how does it feel to have the community speak up and nominate you for one of these Community Interviews?

Jayour: Hah, It’s pretty cool, a majority of the work I do here on TA is behind the scenes and so I never expected to get nominated by the community for an interview, but the mob has spoken and here I am!

D: There are some questions which always need to be asked: the gamertag? What was your inspiration?

J: Well, this will be disappointing I‘m sure, my name is Jayour. Basically when I created my account I didn’t really think about it, I didn’t even know what to expect and seen as how I was sharing the console with a friend when it asked me to choose a gamertag I just entered my name. I’ve come close to changing it a few times but never gone through with it, I’m used to it now and like it, it’s unique.

D: One nomination said in their PM for you, “he knows all!”. Can you give me the winning lottery numbers for next week?

J: The stars say; 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

D: So you’re a member of the Content Team here at TA. What do you guys do in a nutshell? Can you give readers a quick idea of the kind of activity that your team do behind the scenes?

J: Hah, I don’t wanna seem like I’m being biased but we do so much, I had absolutely no idea how much work Content Editors did until I joined the team last year, but here’s a quick breakdown of the work we do on the site. Right, so we actually perform I bunch of tasks around the site, we maintain the information for new and existing games and DLC, from there we’d usually flag the achievements, of course since the crash we’ve been working on implementing them again but we’re trying to refine and improve them. They’ll be coming back soon though. We also update the achievement tiles, placing the code in for the unlocked “coloured” image, we update the secret achievements in games. There’s also the Reported Content area, this is where we look into well... reported content, sometimes it means doing an entire overhaul of a users site content, which can be a mammoth task. Finally; Walkthroughs. While this isn’t exclusively handled by the Content Team we keep it close to our hearts. Anyone can write a walkthrough for TA, but it’s our job to proof read, manage them and in a lot of cases assist in the writing of them.

D: You joined TA in 2008. Is this the year you started Xbox 360 gaming, or did you discover this site later on?

J: According to Hexic HD I started playing Xbox 360 back in 2007, I remember I didn’t play it much for the first 6 months though because I didn’t have many games for it, as my collections grew so did my fascination with achievements, I started looking around the net for achievement solutions and stumbled onto x360a, I frequented the site a fair bit and one day while using it in front a friend he showed me TA, once I’d navigated the site a bit and seen what it had to offer I almost immediately started using it. For some reason though it wasn’t until a few months later that I actually signed up on TA.

D: Anyone who looks at your profile will notice those highly sought after yellow badges. You’ve one for completion, and even more impressively one for solution writing. You’ve contributed a quite frankly brilliant 500+ solutions and maintained a .98 ratio on these. You must be very pleased with that feat!

J: I only started writing solutions from early 2010, at first I’d just type them up as and when I had the time. Occasionally I go through spells of not wanting to game so much, so instead I’d look through my achievements and post solutions for ones I felt I could help people with. Being able to keep the high ratio does make me quite proud of my solutions because I do put a lot of work into them. But it’s not about the badges, it’s about helping people, just because I’ve hit the highest available badge doesn’t mean I’ll stop, I’ll keep writing them until they’re no longer needed!

D: If it’s not been said before; thanks on behalf of the community for keeping our Gamerscore on the rise!

J: No thanks necessary, I put solutions up to help people and if they’ve helped you at some point, job done.

D: Is it difficult being on the Content Team flagging achievements and writing all of these solutions? I know I wouldn’t have the time to manage all of that.

J: It’s not so bad. There’s always something that needs doing but fortunately there’s a fair few of us and so it’s rare for us to be so swamped that we don’t have time to do our own stuff. However, I’m lucky my girlfriend is a gamer, I’m sure if she wasn’t and didn’t understand TA she’d have left me a long time ago.

D: You clearly have a real passion for putting into the community and get a kick out of helping other gamers out. What brought you to the site initially?

J: More than anything else it was the community that interested me. There are other sites out there that have walkthroughs, forums, achievement guides but nothing like TA. On TA anyone can write the walkthrough, anyone can upload a solution and anyone can vote on them. I just loved how interactive the site was with the users, rather then being a place for people to go and find an answer I’ve always thought of TA as a place for people to come together and share knowledge and personal experience.

D: Is TA responsible for your completionist streak, or was that spark already within you before discovering the wealth of additional stat tracking TA offers?

J: Before TA I didn’t care about completing games at all, I only cared about grabbing what achievements I could, I didn’t even care too much until quite recently, I just suddenly decided to go back through my games and clear them up, some of them have been really fun… some of them not so much.

D: Moving away from the subject of TA and Xbox in general, what is your biggest passion?

J: Music, without a doubt. I’m inseparable from my Ipod.

D: Do you have an unobtainable dream? I’d love a ride in the ‘vomit comet’ plane which allows you to experience weightlessness. That’ll never happen though!

J: I want to rule the world. Imagine how amazing that’d be! I’m sure I’d be lynched in a couple of days though.

D: We all love achievements. That’s why we’re here, most of us. But how about your life so far? What have you achieved that you are most proud of?

J: I won a Guitar Hero competition, that was pretty cool! Getting that cash prize meant I could finally say that all those hours playing a plastic guitar finally paid off! Non-gaming related, I once climbed a 14 story, ran across the top and climbed down the other side, it was for charity.

D: What is one thing you couldn’t do without in your life? A gadget perhaps, or a friend?

J: I very recently got a Windows Phone 7 and I want to say that but the truth is I haven’t used it that much. Gadget wise it’d probably be my Ipod, it lives in my pocket. If we’re talking about a person it’d be my girlfriend, not only is she stunning but she’s a right geek too, she’s always stealing my anime.

D: Do you have any heroes or people you really admire and respect?

J: Musically, Dave Grohl. He’s an amazing musician and I really respect him for what he’s managed to accomplish.

D: Changing the subject back to the world of gaming now, how did the gaming story start for you? Can you remember your first console and game?

J: The first game I can recall playing is the original Donkey Kong. I even faked being ill to stay home and play it!

D: And in a personal favourite question of mine, if you imagine that your first game had achievements, what do you think the *toughest* achievement you may have unlocked would have been?

J: Nothing about Donkey Kong was difficult. I guess it’d be completing it without dying once.

D: Looking back, have you changed style since you started gaming? When I was a kid on the SNES I was an absolute addict, I’d put in hours and hours a day on the original International Superstar Soccer Deluxe without budging! Now, I’m old (24) I’ve mellowed a lot and rage a lot less!

J: Completely, I used to play a lot of platformers when I was younger, as I got older I was introduced to RPG’s by a friend and got absolutely hooked, I’ll always have a soft spot for Shenmue, Grandia and Breath Of Fire. When I got my Xbox I went through a spell of only really playing Shooters but now I try and play just about anything.

D: Has gaming become a more social thing for you since the inception of gaming across the internet, or do you opt for a lot of single player experiences?

J: I’ve always been quite social when it comes to gaming. During the summer holidays I’d have friends come round and stay, we’d just play single player games side by side, it’s a lot of fun. Later in life I started going to LAN arenas and participating in competitions, so yeah, I think I’ve always been a pretty social gamer.

D: Have you ever had the chance to ‘game with fame’ across Xbox LIVE? We sometimes hear of people running into alleged celebrities online.

J: Not really. When the Toy Box DLC came out for Crackdown 2 I ended up in a game with Stallion83, It was a complete white wash, poor guy.

D: What if you could choose to play a game with anyone online? Who would it be and what would you play them at?

J: I’ve never really thought about it but if I could choose, well I’d like to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360) with Stan Lee, make it so Davie.

D: Looking at how Xbox LIVE has grown in the past years, do you use many of the new features we have now? Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm etc?

J: Not really, my Xbox is right next to my PC.

D: What feature would you love to see incorporated into Xbox LIVE, or maybe to the Xbox 360 in general? I’m hoping for integration of Kinect into Windows 7 myself so I can command my Xbox to stream media content without trawling through sub-menus.

J: It’d be nice if we could finally get the BBC Iplayer. I probably wouldn’t use it loads but it’d still be cool.

D: Referring back to your completionist streak, I’ve been looking at your trophy case and you’ve a lot of completed games in there. Which game completion gave you the most satisfaction and a real sense of accomplishment?

J: It’d be a close call between Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and http://www.trueachievements.com/Rock-Band-xbox-360.htm. They both took a lot of time, effort and dedication. If I had to choose one of them it’d be Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, I spent hundreds of hours playing that game and when I finally completed it I didn’t get that sense of accomplishment I normally get. I was actually sad that the journey was over. I still go back and play it from time to time but it’s never the same!

D: And which was the biggest grind or least enjoyable to 100%?

J: There have been so many! The worst one was probably WarTech: Senko no Ronde. When I bought it I didn’t know what to expect and by the time I realised it was too late. While grinding out the 1000 ranked matches achievement I recruited my brother in to help me. That game is a true soul destroyer.

D: You’ve a blog post on your TA profile about how much of a let down Dead Space: Ignition was. Is that the biggest disappointment you’ve ever played?

J: Argh! It was so disappointing! I’ll try not to rant on about it though because we’d be here all day but few games have disappointed me as much as Dead Space: Ignition did. A few games which have disappointed me are Guitar Hero 5, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Perfect Dark Zero. Still, nothing compared to Dead Space: Ignition.

D: How about one of the greatest games you’ve played on the Xbox 360? What could claim that title?

J: There have been so many but I think my all time favourite will always be Earth Defense Force 2017.

D: And looking ahead to future releases, which one has you the most excited? Do you have anything on pre-order at the moment?

J: I’m quite excited about Gears Of War 3 but we always knew it’d be a trilogy. Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon, I never imagined in my wildest dreams they’d ever do a sequel!

D: And finally, in closing here’s your chance for a soapbox on the front page! Is there anything you’d like to add or say for all to read?

J: To the users who nominated me, thank you! Keep up the gaming everyone!

I thank Jayour for his time taken to complete this interview, it’s been a pleasure to write and read back. I also thank the community again for the many, many PMs the community sent me nominating themselves or other gamers. It’s great to know our community is passionate about finding out more about each other or promoting friends they’ve made here on the site!

We’ll leave Jayour to get back to writing his numerous solutions for our benefit now, and once again I throw the ball into your half of the court for next weeks Community Interview!

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