Minecraft: Free Console Update Adds Glide Mini Game

By Lucy Wood,
A free update adds the Glide mini game to console editions of Minecraft from today, with Score Attack and Time Attack modes for solo or online play and Xbox One leaderboards to stir up competitive spirit.

Today's Minecraft update builds on the addition of Elytra in the Christmas update, with a full launch track inspired by the Cavern map from Battle mode. More maps will be added in the future both for free and as part of a Season Pass. The themes of the paid maps confirmed so far include beasts, krakens, glaciers and Chinese Mythology. A Temple-inspired free map has also been confirmed, and will include jungles, mines and archeological dig sites.

The Time Attack mode of the new Minecraft mini game challenges players to get the fastest times by using thermal drafts, speed boosters and shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts will be hard to find and difficult to master, so patience and determination will be needed to clock up the best times.

The Score Attack mode of the Minecraft Glide mini game involves flying through rings which are colour coded according to their difficulty: green for easy, yellow for medium and blue for hard. Each ring colour has its own route, but the routes overlap so players have the option of switching between them or sticking to one colour.

Today's Minecraft update also increases the maximum number of Xbox One players in a Battle or Glide lobby to 16.

The Glide mini game is available on console editions of Minecraft from today.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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