Weekend Headlines March 24-26th: Wasteland 3, The Surge and More

By Rebecca Smith,
There were only two announcements over the weekend and it proved to be similarly quiet for other gaming news too. Below are the handful of headlines that you may have missed if you weren't paying close attention.

The Pinball Arcade

Last week, console players finally caught up with the massive backlog of tables that had been released on PC and mobile platforms but were yet to materialise on the Xbox One. Everything up to "Table Pack 58" has now been released and the Season Six Pass is also available. The pass gives players access to all of the tables that were/will be released in Table Packs 51-61 at a cost of $29.99 or regional equivalent, plus players get a free bonus table Doctor Who: Master of Time. The three tables that are still to be released for the Season Pass are Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour, Cactus Jack's and Swords of Fury — none of them yet have a release date. Meanwhile, the last of these three tables got a teaser trailer to show what to expect.

The Sexy Brutale

Another character was revealed for the upcoming murder mystery title. Clay Rockridge is the former head of security at The Sexy Brutale. Now he's on the guest list and passes his time on the blackjack tables. He's also partial to trying his luck against some of the "grimmer" card dealers at the mansion. His wife has gone missing but Cliff hasn't noticed — he's too distracted with his drink.

Clay Rockridge

Meanwhile, the staff at the casino are known for their impeccable attire, immaculate manners, attention to detail and dedication to the tasks they perform. This year, their tasks are a little different. As they systematically murder the guests, no-one is safe. However, the main question is whether they are acting on their own initiative while the boss is away, or is it his bidding that they continue to perform?

The Surge

After he wakes up from his cryosleep, protagonist Warren will explore the CREO Factory’s districts as he searches for answers in this upcoming RPG. In the following pieces of artwork, we get a glimpse of some of those environments. CREO is launching rockets around the world to restore the Earth's damaged atmosphere. The laboratory that Warren will explore is built around three of these launch pads and they're the core of the facility — a rocket launches every 10 minutes. Then there are the state-of-the-art research facilities where scientists from all over the world gather to develop the Project Resolve formula that is being used to restore the atmosphere. There will be dark and dangerous tunnels and factory halls, as well as state of the art robotics, chemicals and man-machine interfaces. Players will be able to see all of these, but they might not always be positive experiences.

Elsewhere there is the Medbay that installs and upgrades workers' Exo rigs, as well as treating injuries. Work is completely autonomous and surgery can be performed based on artificial intelligence and a vast medical database. This is one of the first locations that players will encounter as it appears in the game's intro sequence. Finally there is the Executive Forum that is located at the top of CREO One, the company's central tower. This is where the board meets to make decisions of the highest level. Crafted with only the finest materials, its aim is to deliver a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The Watchmaker

In the latest video for Micropsia Games' upcoming title, we get a three minute sneak peek at some gameplay, albeit from the PC version of the title.

Wasteland 3

The Denver zone plays an important part in Wastelend 3. At the end of the old world, a nuclear weapon exploded in the sky above the city, leaving most of the buildings in ruins and most of its inhabitants dead. Crumbling buildings form mazes and subterranean tunnels that are battlefields for predators, treasure hunters and scavengers. The Denver Airport Commune lies to the east of the city and is home to "artists, hackers, conspiracy nuts, mad scientists, and assorted eccentrics". Centred around the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the commune focuses on strange experiments and cyber espionage against the Patriarch, amongst many other things.

To the north of Denver live the Gippers. This faction's leaders are priestesses known as Nancies. They are wives to the divine God-President Reagan, lawmakers, and judges. Mother Nancy Reliance is their overall leader. Originally this faction was going to be present in Wasteland 2 but now they will definitely be appearing in this upcoming title. While we don't have any images of the Denver zone, we do have a quick glimpse of Mother Nancy Reliance.

Mother Nancy Reliance

That's it for this week. Join us next week for more weekend headlines!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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