Bulletstorm Demo Releasing on January 25th

By Saint Devourer, 7 years ago
EA and Epic Games announced that People Can Fly's upcoming in-your-face shooter, Bulletstorm, would be getting the demo-before-release treatment, with the demo set to launch on January 25th.

The demo is set to ship with a portion of the game's "Echo" game mode, which is essentially a portion of the game's campaign with the Skillshot system tracking the player's scores at all time. It is also set to ship with 3 confirmed weapons:

• Peace Maker Carbine
• Flail Gun (which shoots two grenades tied together)
• Screamer (a revolver that turns enemies into fireworks)

That, alongside various environmental bonuses, adds up to about 45 different skillshots. And, if you play the demo, you'll unlock platform specific content in the full version of Bulletstorm, such as a Crimson Leash or Stealth Armor.

Bulletstorm is set for release on February 22nd in North America and February 25th in Europe.