New de Blob 2 Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
THQ have released a new trailer for de Blob 2. This trailer, titled "Air Traffic Controller", is in a similar vein to the Inky on Ice trailer released at the start of December.

Although we have previously outlined the basic premise for de Blob 2, THQ have now released a list of gameplay features:

Imagine. Set off on an action packed color adventure with 12 new single player story levels where custom paints, patterns and music bring the world to life any way you want.

Laugh. Only the colorful prankster Blob can foil Papa Blanc’s evil hypno plot to steal all the color from Prisma City.

Power. Speed smash through walls, jet jump over skyscrapers and slam squash Inky’s with all new power-ups that turn you into a super Blob.

Explore. Paint your way past icy outposts, tropical bio domes and distant space stations to free the fair citizens of Prisma City.

Transform. Inside, outside, above the Earth and below it, Blob embarks on mini missions and epic boss battles to restore color and music back to this rich universe.

Share. Recruit your friends to join the color evolution in all new co-operative multiplayer modes.
THQ's first game in the series, surprisingly titled de Blob, was exclusively released on the Wii; the publisher has also released a list of improvements between this first game and its multi-platform sequel. The estimated play time for de Blob 2 is 16 hours, six hours longer than its predecessor. The number of enemies types has grown from three to nine, and Pinky, the Inky Monster and Papa Blanc have been added to the list of main characters, alongside Arty, Bif, Zip, Professor and Comrade Black.

Supercharge, Regen, Hazmat, Graviton and Iron Blob power ups accompany the sole Rainbow power-up from the first game, and the charge attack can be used alongside the old slam attack now. The final listed change is the reduction of co-op multiplayer from four people to two. The second person will take on the roll of Pinky as he accompanies de Blob through the world.

de Blob 2 releases on February 22nd, 2011, in N America, and on February 25th in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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